Introduction and Installation
A simple and easy-to-use library, written in Kotlin, to aid in the process of localizing your robot using Distance Sensors! This library contains all the necessary calculations to localize on the FIRST Tech Challenge field in a "plug and play" style format! The math behind this library includes trigonometry and vector-math!
Advantages of this library:
  • Efficient position estimation!
  • Takes factors like sensor location and robot heading into account!
  • Accounts for the 'corner cases problem', where all sensors are in use!
  • Included filters to reduce sensor noise!
  • Support for the RoadRunner library!
Coming Soon to this library:
  • Four Sensor Localization!
  • Secondary Localization fusion!
  • Override for field max X and max Y (for remote/off-season challenge field geometry only)
Check it out on github!


1) Open build.dependencies.gradle and add maven { url '' } to the repository block.
2) Then add: implementation 'com.github.AlphaGo16439:AGDistanceLocalization:v1.0.1' to the dependencies block.
3) Build your project and have fun!
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